"A Problem Shared"

"A Nymphomaniac's Aria"

"Limp And Incomplete"

"I Need Him To Need Me"

Will is a young egocentric writer, scarred by an emotionally traumatic childhood, struggling to find inspiration. The opening scene finds him staring at the latest blank page of his first play, while his "Brain" (a group of singers who act as a kind of Greek Chorus throughout) rant about his lack of inspiration.

When he receives a visit from Jane, a neurotic neighbour who secretly holds a torch for him, Will suddenly realises that his much needed inspiration is staring him in the face. He decides to write his play "based on a true story", beginning with the life and character of Jane.

He accompanies Jane to her Group Therapy session, where he finds further inspiration from the disparate group of "loonies" who attend the Group - including Tanya, a nymphomaniac; Brad, an introvert young gay guy, terrified of "coming out"; and Tom, the Group Therapist, who seems to be as deeply neurotic as his patients. In order to fully experience everything in life he needs to experience in order to write his play, Will has sexual encounters with members of the Group - and his psychopathic nature is revealed as he begins to kill them!

Later Will meets Rebecca, an attractive but emotionally fragile young woman. For the first time Will discovers love and appears to begin to change, until events unfortunately take a different course and both his play and this musical head for a bloody and dramatic climax.

"Nothing In My Way"

"My Kind Of Crazy"

"A Trick Of The Light"

"A Teddy Bear"